29 August 2011

Observation of the Dynamical Casimir Effect in a Superconducting Circuit

"40 years ago, Moore suggested that a mirror undergoing relativistic motion could convert virtual photons into directly observable real photons. This effect was later named the dynamical Casimir effect (DCE). Using a superconducting circuit, we have observed the DCE for the first time."


19 August 2011

"The number of sit-ups 10-year-olds can do declined by 27.1% between 1998 and 2008"

Couldn't find the study from any free source so this Guardian article will have to do.
The study is "Handgrip strength in English schoolchildren - Cohen DD, Voss C, Taylor MJ, Stasinopoulos DM, Delextrat A, Sandercock GR."


12 August 2011

01 August 2011